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this is mine, so it goes my way. i do not exist anyway. well according to you.

izazijazilah. i love you, now doesn't that count?

send it on - jonascyrusgomezlovato

"A word's just a word
till you mean what you say
and love isn't love
till you give it away
we all gotta give
give something to give
to make a change
send it on, on and on
just one that can heal another
be a part, reach a heart
just one spark starts a fire"

rant all you want

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Thursday, October 15, 2009
kau tahi. 7:17 PM

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kenapakan kau atu? bemasalah banar eh! orang boleh kau banci, orang inda boleh banci kau. isn't that selfish? you point people in their faces! how polite. and you like, talk like this. like, it's so like annoying. don't you like, realise that? that's so like, stupid.